Father, help us to be patient. We are merely sowers, going forth with your Word, scattering it to and fro. We don’t know whether it will take root and grow. We don’t know the condition of the soil. Our call is to go forth with the knowledge that he who goes forth weeping, scattering seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. If there is a planting, there will be a harvest. And it may not take 3 months, it may take 3 decades. Help us to be patient.

But, O Lord, help us to be urgent as well. We lift up our eyes and see that the fields are white unto harvest. You, Lord, are at work all around us, drawing people to You. But we, far too often it seems, are distracted. We intend to do the work of the Kingdom, yes. We love it, we believe in it, we know that it is our highest priority. We sure don’t treat it that way, however. For us, there’s always some day to do missions. Unfortunately, some day never quite seems to get here. So grant us Your sense of urgency. Help us, with broken hearts, realize that the lost can never believe in One of whom they have not heard. And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall the preach unless they are sent?

Forgive us for thinking that “yes, someone ought to go”. Yes, someone should go, and maybe that someone should be me. Forgive us for our good intentions that never materialize into reality. Forgive us for spending more on our pets, or our television, or our cell phones, than we ever spend on missions. Where are treasure is, that’s where our heart will be also. May we treasure the gospel. May we share this glorious gospel everywhere we go. And may we go.