A Month (almost) In Jamaica

Aimee and I were privileged to spend almost the entire month of July in Jamaica. As usual, when it came time to fly back to the US we were not ready. Jamaica is more and more becoming a second home to us. Here are a few thoughts concerning our trip:

*Working with CSI teams from Mayfield, KY and Burlington, IN. I am more and more convinced that CSI is blessed to partner with the finest people/churches anywhere.

*Leading a group of 40 from our home church in Clarksville, TN on the first-ever CSI trip to May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica.

*Spending a day on the docks in Kingston trying to get a shipping crate through customs. It was a long, frustrating, crazy day, but when that crate finally made it to the truck I held up my hands in triumph!

*Watching first-time travelers to Jamaica and experiencing the trip through their perspective.

*Seeing Sister Essie at the Clarendon Infirmary. She is a 90-something former pastor who loves the Lord in contagious fashion.

*Listening to Jamaican children sing out at the top of their lungs at many a VBS.

*Meeting Ronnie, who is the next person scheduled to have a home built through CSI Ministries.

*Meeting Joan, who travelled over an hour to CSI headquarters in Highgate to request a home. I wonder what team, if any, will be able to help her?

*Walking into several Jamaican bars to hand out Bibles. Our church gave out over 1,200 Bibles……only one person told us “no” when asked if they want one.

*When a mother of 3 teenage sons came to tell me, with tears in her eyes, that her heart was full because she was blessed to watch her family serve the Lord together on this trip.

*Watching a team teach a deaf lady to sign “How Great Is Our God” so that she could worship with us.

*Realizing once again that perhaps the most difficult part of my job is trying to put into words what all the Lord does on these trips.


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