Our History

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For nearly 50 years CSI Ministries has been providing churches, schools, universities, families and individuals with a team approach to missions. CSI Ministries partners with established churches and para-church organizations in Kingdom building through national and international missions.

In the mid-1960’s Rev. Herb McCombas led mission teams to Haiti which were primarily made up of pastors. He had the firm belief that if you wanted to get a new pastor send them to the mission field. He assured people that if they sent them to the mission field they would never again be the same. In 1966, Herb launched World Mission Tours as a non-profit to lead mission teams from Kentucky. In 1967, Christian Service International became the short-term sending agency while World Mission Tours engaged in a different aspect for the ministry in helping make short-term mission trips possible.

Herb led the ministry until 1978 when he asked Eddy and Shirley Cline if they would be interested in leading the ministry. Initially, they felt their call remained in pastoral ministry. However, on July 1, 1978 the board of directors officially appointed Eddy Cline as the executive director and Shirley became the office manager.

Through the years, the office moved to several locations throughout Muncie as the organization grew. In early 1980, Christian Service International officially changed its name to CSI Ministries, Inc. When Herb starting taking teams they went to Haiti and it eventually became a full-time field. In the 80’s when Haitian politics created safety issues, they began taking teams to Jamaica. Occasionally, teams would head to other countries and this led to full-time missions in Belize, the United States and Kenya. Teams visited at least a dozen other countries from time-to-time as the opportunities were available.

Different ministries have emerged through CSI Ministries as new non-profits were formed. These ministries grew beyond the scope of facilitating short-term mission trips and many are still going strong today. In addition, different short-term missionaries and individuals who participated in extended ministry opportunities are now serving as full-time missionaries.

While CSI Ministries experienced challenges and changes through the years, God’s direction remained clear with regard to sharing the Gospel throughout the world. He continues to provide talented staff, volunteers and provisions to make the ministry possible.

  • Herb McCombas – 1967-1978
  • Eddy Cline – 1978-2002
  • Lenville Gross – 2002-2007
  • Frank Brown – 2007-2008
  • Ronn Oren – 2009-2011
  • Jody Kress – 2012-2016

*John Key served as interim director in periods from 2008-09, 2011-12 and 2016.