Anthony “Oney” McDonald

Anthony “Oney” McDonald – Night Watchman

Oney has been involved with CSI Ministries since he was a teenager. Meeting teams and being a part of the various ministries has inspired him which is why the ministry is such a significant part of his life.

CSI Ministries has become family for Oney, and he enjoys being around the teams who make a great impact in the community. He said that there are many people who have a place to live because of the ministry and that is important to him and the local community.

Oney has served as a grounds keeper, construction assistant and night watchman for the ministry. He attended Bellfield School and then Continuation High School in the Highgate area. He grew up attending the Friends Church but currently attends the Nazarene Church in the Ranch area.

Oney’s family includes his son, Roy Nick, and Roy and Sue Lauter. His extended family includes Nick and Jodi Vrettos and family, Stan and Robin Downing, Marggy Hensly and Lisa Lockwood. He lives in the Ranch area.