Janeta Pinto

Janeta Pinto – Cook

Janeta Pinto, who goes by Pinto, is someone you will want to become friends with when you travel to Jamaica. She is the cook in the guesthouse and spends her days preparing, from scratch, the meals teams will eat in the guest house. It’s a hard choice to decide whether her cinnamon rolls or fried chicken are the best – but, most people think it’s both and everything in between!

CSI Ministries means so much to Pinto because she believes they have touched many lives in Jamaica through the various ministries they have engaged through the more than 30 years they have ministered there. Pinto has served with CSI Ministries for more than 22 years as a cook and also helped care for the children for families who have served as missionaries.

When Pinto was a child at Lyndele Girls Home in Highgate, people who traveled with CSI Ministries would sometimes visit in December around Christmas. They would take the girls and boys from several local children’s homes shopping. This kindness touched her so much that she wanted to do something similar for her community. This led Pinto to host an annual Christmas Treat for children in Highgate each year on Christmas Day.

In addition to her role at CSI Ministires, Pinto spends her time cooking for the elderly, and hosts the annual Christmas Treat and a summer VBS at the Highgate Quaker Church. She considers the Anglican Church in Highgate her home church. In her spare time she loves to farm and sew.

Pinto has an adult son who aspires to be a pastor and they reside in the Ranch District outside of Highgate.