Jean Merrell with her husband, Ted, and their children and grandchildren

Jean Merell

Jean was first involved with CSI Ministries in June 2010, when she traveled to Jamaica, with her 3 sons to build a house.  She visited N. Ireland, with CSI, in 2011 to participate in teen ministry.  Both trips changed her life, by providing her with new ministries and friendships.  Jean is awed through seeing God use our humble abilities to move mountains.

She loves studying the Bible and has been in involved in Bible studies for over 24 years.  Jean is very involved in charitable organizations and is currently on Boards for CSI Ministries, The Way (a Christian weekend), Project 117 (an elementary school in Haiti), The Crossing (a Christian high school) and Bridges Outreach (an after school outreach program for at risk teens).  In her free time, Jean loves learning, travel, reading, photography, baking and mentoring.  Short-term mission trips are very important to Jean.  She believes we should care for our families and local communities, but we must not forget those outside our circles.  If not us – then who?

She loves people, volunteering wherever God needs her, and traveling. Jean is from a fruit and vegetable farm in Upstate NY.  She was the fifth generation to be raised on the family farm, which her father and brother still manage and operate.  She met Ted, while studying Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. Jean and Ted have been married for 32 years.  Jean is mom to Katie, Blake, Brayden, Karson & Andrew and grandma to Addy.