Lisa Lockwood
(800) 286-5773  Ext. 208

Lisa Lockwood – Jamaica Student Support Program Coordinator

Lisa is inspired by the number of lives that have been touched and also by the ways many lives have been impacted forever through CSI Ministries. Those who come to serve in a community often experience life-altering moments and those who live in the community truly feel the love of God shared with them. To her, the ministry means giving an opportunity, to anyone who accepts, to be God’s love-giver on this earth. It means opening up doors that may have been closed. It means being given the privilege of serving in a very personal way. Having seen the look of true gratitude and joy in the eyes of many who are the recipients of God’s love means that CSI Ministries is doing what God directed it to do; serve and love one another.

Lisa participated in teams going to Haiti for three years and knew even before going to Haiti that she would be serving full-time somewhere. When the opportunity to explore serving in Jamaica surfaced, she knew she found her new home. She served as a full-time missionary in Highgate, Jamaica from May 2011 to April 2015. After a transition back to life in the United States, Lisa will be serving on a part-time basis as the Jamaica Student Support Program Coordinator. She will be focused on growing the program so more children will have the opportunity to attend school each day.

Nearly all of Lisa’s career focused on working with children and families. For 23 years, she worked as an early intervention specialist serving families who had birth to three year olds with a disability or developmental concern. She retired just six weeks before she landed in Jamaica, but continued to visit children and families while living in and around Highgate.

Lisa is a member at St. Paul Community United Methodist Church, Cincinnati where she serves on the Family Ministry Strategies Team, Missions committee, teaches Sunday School and volunteers for other events as they arise. Lisa earned a B.S. in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Early Childhood Special Education/Family Life, both from the University of Cincinnati. She is also a committee member and state trainer with the Ohio Infant Mental Health, and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, Interfaith Hospitality Network and Greater Cincinnati Emmaus.

Lisa has two grown children, a son and a daughter, and one 18-month old granddaughter. They all live close to her in Cincinnati as does her mom, three siblings, and numerous nieces and nephews.