Ted Merrell with his wife, Jean, and their children and grandchildren

Ted Merrell – Vice-President

Ted Merrell  was born and raised just west of Kokomo, IN and that is where he still lives today. His faith walk started when he was in elementary school due to the teachings and awesome examples of Christian faith from his parents, Dayton and Janet Merrell and from the small church of believers at Upper Deer Creek Church. After finishing high school, he studied Agricultural Economics at Purdue University. It was at Purdue that he met and fell in love with one of the greatest gifts of his life; his wife Jean. They have been married for more than 30 years and have been blessed with four great children and our family is growing!

Following graduation from college, Ted, along with his brother, Terry, started their agricultural company called Merrell Bros. As our business began to grow, it became very evident that it would consume their time and energy. This realization that was led by the Holy Spirit, also helped to open their eyes to the fact that if their business was to consume their time then they needed to dedicate their business to furthering God’s Kingdom.

This decision has helped to keep them grounded, but more importantly it has helped to keep them accountable. Ted consciously tries to keep Christ in the center of his decision making processes and he strives to use the blessings that he has been given to manage and provide opportunities for his employees to recognize and participate in mission activities by working together to serve others. It is because of surrounding themselves with so many wonderful men and women of God, and serving together as the hands and feet of Christ, that they all have seen co-workers who have come to salvation.

There is no greater blessing than to see and experience the changes in your co-workers and in our own lives as we all work together to keep the main thing, the main thing. Ted’s prayer for himself and anyone else that might read this biography is that we would always run from the darkness toward the light, and one day be able to celebrate for eternity in our Fathers Kingdom.