Dear Friends,

Greetings in Christ! During 2016, CSI Ministries will have hosted 24 short-term mission teams with approximately 353 persons in Jamaica. The team members from across the USA representing numerous denominations worked and ministered through building 25 Small Homes, 4 Vacation Bible Schools, 4 Great Banquet/The Way Christian Retreats, 4 Nursing Teams, 1 Sports (Soccer) Team, A Pastors Conference, Bible Study, School Devotions and various work projects to include: Home repairs, Local school repairs/painting, Assisting another ministry with construction of a store room, and construction/repairs/painting at several area Churches. Through these outreaches – 4 persons made a first-time commitment to Christ and several more rededicated their lives to Jesus! Without the help of a few faithful volunteers there is no way we could have served the mission teams throughout 2016. Praise the Lord for – Pete & Ladeana Jones (Peru, IN) who served January – March and again June – August. In addition, Bill & Janet Lovelace (Kokomo, IN) late July and August. Stan Downing (Greentown, IN) who helped in July. Emy Bridge and Jean Merrell (Kokomo, IN) helped in August. These folks came when called upon and we are grateful for their service and love for the Jamaican people, teams and ministry!


The Dailey Family's Old Home

The Dailey Family’s Old Home

Reflecting over the year there are many people and stories that could be told, but time and space don’t allow for that. Yet, there is one I want to share with you. In April, the local police along with children’s services called and asked for a meeting. They told me about a father with two young sons living in bad conditions in the mountain. The police and children’s services went with intentions to remove the kids from the home and put them in government care. However, upon investigating the situation it was determined that the father (Mr. Dailey) was doing all he could as a farmer to provide for his boys. The mother had died two years earlier. The children were not in school because their birth certificates had been lost and the local school would not allow them to attend until the documents were provided. Getting birth certificates re-issued in Jamaica can be a nightmare and Dad didn’t have the resources to make that happen. The police said they would work to secure new birth certificates and speak to the school principal requesting the boys be allowed to attend school until proper documentation could be attained. The police and children’s services asked if CSI Ministries could help the family with a new house.

The Dailey Family's New Home with Winona Friends Team

The Dailey Family’s New Home with Winona Friends Team

The challenge – the family lived almost a two hour drive each way up in the mountains on very curvy narrow roads and logistics was one of several issues. Praise the Lord, with help from – Winona Friends Church (Winona, IN) we were able work out the details and help this family with a new home along with new beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows and the team provided a few new toys too.

Dailey Family's 3 beds

Dailey Family’s 3 beds

Police Officer Prendgast raised money to buy the family new clothes. At the House Dedication Service, Officer Prendgast said, “Several months ago, I came to remove these kids from their home, but today they remain together as a family.” Praise the Lord!

Left to Right: Officer Prendgast, the Dailey Family and Mike Ginter

Left to Right: Officer Prendgast, the Dailey Family and Mike Ginter

SPECIAL BLESSING: We would like to thank a very special person that made a substantial donation and blessed CSI Ministries with a new 2016 – 16 passenger van in June! The bus will save on rental fees and allow us to transport our mission teams! Thank You, and God bless you for your extravagant gift to the ministry!

New 2016 Totyta Hiace Van

New 2016 Totyta Hiace Van

UNTHINKABLE TRAGEDY: As many of you are aware, tragedy struck our missionary community of St. Mary April 30, 2016, and began to make world news the first week of May when two local American missionaries – Randy Hentzel and Harold Nichols, while out visiting a potential house building site were murdered. Harold and Teri Nichols were personal friends and former CSI Missionaries from 2002 – 2004, and served as Host & Hostess at the CSI Mission House in Highgate. Both the Hentzel and Nichols families serve with – TEAMS for Medical Missions. Please continue to pray for Teri, Sara, their families and ministry. Their faith and perseverance in ministry sets an example that blows my mind! In June, the Jamaican police arrested two men and they confessed to the murders, but no attorney has been willing to take the case yet and the next court date is January 2017. Please pray the men responsible for this crime stand trial.

Top photo: Randy & Sara Hentzel and kids. Bottom photo: Harold & Teri Nichols

Top photo: Randy & Sara Hentzel and kids. Bottom photo: Harold & Teri Nichols

HURRICANE MATTHEW: In early October, an unwanted visitor passed by Jamaica – Hurricane Matthew, approached as a Category 4 storm. The Jamaican people sometimes call a Hurricane “The Breeze.” The Jamaican staff and myself quickly prepared by boarding up the mission house and going grocery shopping in Kingston for bread & milk and it was a mad house as you can imagine. However, Matthew turned more towards our neighbors – Haiti, and we only received rain and very light wind. Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti and the loss they suffered. Please keep the Haitian people in your prayers.

NEW TO THE CSI TEAM: The CSI Board of Directors appointed Mr. Len Scott, to the position of Executive Director, and he began his duties leading CSI Ministries in October 2016. Len is originally from the Volunteer state of Tennessee and was in the pastorate for 26 years. Len is married to Aimee and has three children and soon to be daughter-in-law.

Len Scott and Family

Len Scott and Family


 More full-time missionary staff is needed. Please pray for this need. Positions available are: Construction Coordinator, Host & Hostess, Team Coordinator, Business Manager and Community Outreach Coordinator.

 A new Work-Truck is needed, please consider giving towards this large purchase of approximately $50,000 US Dollars. Any excess funds raised will be used for Jamaica operating costs.

 Consider sponsoring a school age child in our Student Support Program. You can sponsor an elementary (Primary School) child for $30; A High School student for $60; or a College Student for $120 per month. To support a student contact Lisa Lockwood at or call 765-273-5700.

 Please pray for the on-going daily ministry – that we are doing what God wants us to do, and for the physical strength to do so, along with wisdom to navigate the daily challenges and hurdles of living in Jamaica.

 Consider donating to the “Ministry Outreach” program, which allows us to use funds to assist the Jamaican people with the overwhelming needs we see daily on the field in Jamaica. i.e., Food/Groceries, Medicine, Medical expenses, School expenses, etc.

 Bring a Team or Join a Team, and come serve for a week in Jamaica.

 Please contact the Muncie, Indiana office about any of the ways to get involved. CSI Ministries PO Box 841 Muncie, IN 47308 Phone: 1.800.286.5773

I have been in the states mid-October through Thanksgiving visiting family, friends, speaking, doctor & dentist check-ups, voting, shopping at Wal-Mart and eating all the Mexican I can get, plus trying to rest. I am grateful to have been able to see and visit with many of you during this time. In closing, I would like to thank you for the encouragement, support and prayers that sustain and keep me going as I serve the Lord, the Jamaica people and CSI Teams. It’s been a tough and long year, yet, He is faithful– always has been, always will be! Thank you, for your goodness to me and this ministry! As they say in Jamaica, “Walk Good.”

In Christs’ Love,




Mike Ginter

Field Director /Missionary

CSI Ministries, Jamaica