When the team woke up this morning, rain had been falling for several hours. After loading the truck to prepare for the work site in the afternoon, we got word that the school we planned to share a devotion and basketball skills with cancelled because of the heavy rain.

1 Hunt

After breakfast, we used the extra time in the morning to hit the work site early. We all pulled out our ponchos and water shoes as we remembered the trek up the hill to the site we’d traveled the day before. You can see our team, their soft smiles, and colorful ponchos in a photo as we prepared for the day.

Everyone (except for Coach) took at least one tumble today down the mudslide, but we avoided any serious injury. Both Coach and Joanne commented on how all of the team maintained positive attitudes and managed to have fun on a rainy and muddy day. MVP of the mud fight, hands down, was Cindy aka the splash queen. We were unable to take phones on site today because of the rain, but all four walls are up on both houses and nearly all the doors and windows have been cut.

And we’re all coming home with new songs and dances, compliments to our new Jamaican friends. For dinner, we enjoyed fried chicken, rice and peas, gravy, rolls, and salad.

4 Hunt

We visited Clonmel Potters, a business run by a couple who are both professionals in their craft. They gave a ceramics demonstration, and the girls visited the gift shop before leaving. Several hit the road with beautifully-crafted pieces in hand. We were supposed to end the night with ice cream, but apparently, when the schools close, the ice cream shoppes follow suit. But we’ve been promised another try at the downtown ice cream eatery.

Our night ended with some spontaneous praise and worship and a dance party. (Only Joanne could seamlessly connect these two activities.)

It’s been a really good day, and we’re all going to bed tired (and sweaty).

3 Hunt

Don’t worry, moms and dads, all your daughters did shower after their individual mudslides.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), we hope to visit a local primary school for a devo and basketball clinic. (Fingers crossed and prayers up that the rain stays away.) After that, we’ll return to the work site for the afternoon, and we will visit a local church that evening (after ice cream, of course).