Huntington University – Monday & Tuesday

/Huntington University – Monday & Tuesday

It is now Tuesday and we’re all a little more tired and a little more sunburnt. The past two days have been full of hardwork and fun adventures.

Monday we went to work in the rain. There was about a 30 minute delay but once the rain let up we were hard at work and we were able to get the foundation set and build the first wall.


After we got back we decided to take a group trip to see the ocean and though we couldn’t really get in the water, the views were amazing.


Today (Tuesday) we had a nice and sunny start with a little rain towards the end! We were able to put up the other three walls and cut out some doors! We are all having a lot of fun learning how to build a house.



We ended today by going to see a local potter and getting ice cream!


It’s been an amazing journey so far and as we begin to see everything put together, we see that our hard work is beginning to pay off. We have gotten the pleasure of meeting our home owner and the joy he has when he sees his house begin to come together is worth every nail hit finger.

We have seen the Lord work in and through us in tremendous ways. We would not be able to do the work we are doing without God’s grace and love. Please continue as we finish the house and present it to the homeowner.

Riley Braun,

Huntington University Jamaica Mission Trip

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