Our first full day is in the books!

We started out the day with a pancake breakfast after half of the team loaded the trucks with enough lumber, tools, and paint to get a strong start on the two houses we’re building.

We took a twenty-minute drive to our work site and met Kim and Twin, the two sisters who will be living in the houses we build.

1 Huntington4 Huntington


We spent the entire day at the houses. We started by building the foundation, and after lunch, we put down the flooring and the back wall on each of the houses.

2 Huntington

We had a lot of opportunities to interact with Kim, Twin, and their families throughout the day. Several girls got their hair braided by hair-stylist Chin, the girls’ other sister, and played with the children in their extended family.

3 Huntington

For dinner, Pinto, the CSI chef, made the team pumpkin soup and a birthday cake for Hailey, who is celebrating her 21st birthday in Jamaica today!

Tomorrow (Tuesday), we will share a skit and songs at a local elementary school, where we will also hold a basketball clinic. We’ll wrap up the day back at the work site.