Today (our last day in Highgate) was the first day everything on the schedule went as planned!

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After breakfast, we headed out to Belfield Primary School, where we shared our devotional skit and songs with grades 1-6. For the rest of the morning, we (finally) put on a basketball clinic. Grades 4-6 visited four stations–passing, shooting, defense, and ball handling–where all the girls split up and led the children (and one of the teachers) through drills and competitions.

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After a change of clothes, we headed back to the work site for one last time. We spent most of the afternoon putting the final touches on the windows, steps, and exterior wall paint. To cap off our time with Kim and Twin, we had a house dedication for each of them. Almost every player led an aspect of the service, which included prayers, worship, a short message, and presentations of beds donated by CSI, Bibles with the players’ favorite verses marked, and the house keys. Nearly every girl also shed a tear as the pair shared their gratitude for the help in building their homes, and more followed as the team said good-bye to their new friends.

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In dinner news, it was fantastic, per usual. (In the words of Taylor Holliday, “Praise God for Pinto!”) We dined on rotisserie jerk chicken, rice and peas, cole slaw, FESTIVAL BREAD (Joanne was tapping Gina’s arm during the composition of this blog exclaiming, “FESTIVAL BREAD!”), and Ho-Ho cake. Mmmmmm.

The team capped off the evening with a debriefing session, and most of the girls shared how the week’s events had impacted them. Again, several tears were shed. Cindy led the group in a giant group hug afterwards (she is also the hug queen).

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Today was a bit emotional, but another fantastic day on this beautiful island. JAMAICA, MON!

Tomorrow (Friday), we will take off in the morning for Ocho Rios for a bit of shopping at the market (you can only hope we’ll bring you back some souvenirs) and an afternoon at Dunn’s River Falls. We’ll stay overnight in Montego Bay before catching an afternoon flight on Saturday.

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Seniors Gina, Miranda, and Allyson recreating a photo they took at the end of conditioning in the fall with a more scenic background during the final week with the team.