My introduction to CSI Ministries began in the late 1980’s while I was a ward of the state at Swift Purscell Boys Home in Highgate, St. Mary, Jamaica. I used to help with catering at the boy’s home for various teams that came from CSI Ministries to present Vacation Bible School for us and it is through this medium that I was formally introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Brady who at the time were the Field Directors for CSI Ministries in Jamaica. I worked with the Brady’s as a handyman until they were replaced by Mr. and Mrs. Key.

I continued working as a handyman with John and Laura Key after the Brady’s departed. Mr. Key was the one who asked me if I wanted to go back to school and of course I said yes. The Keys found someone to sponsor me and in September 1991 I started attending the Passley Gardens Teachers’ College in Port Antonio, Portland. There I successfully completed my course of study and obtained a Diploma in Teaching Primary Education in May 1995. Upon graduating, I was offered a teaching job at the Oracabessa Primary School in Oracabessa, St. Mary and I am happy to say that I am still working at this school.

My involvement with the CSI Ministries Student Support Program afforded me many opportunities then and continues to do so presently. It has allowed me to become a more rounded and sociable individual and has helped to develop my interpersonal skills, life skills, knowledge base, and full acceptance of who I am, where I am coming from and where I want to be. The program saved me and gave me a second chance in life. I am presently able to take care of my son, my family and myself without much struggle.  I am helping to mold and shape the lives of many children so that they can grow up to become good role models and decent citizens of this Jamaica, land we love. My involvement with community activities has helped many youths and adults to be more rounded and productive individuals. These things give me a sense of belonging and self worth.

As I continue on life’s journey, I reflect on the past and use it as a guide to steer the future. I am so thankful for CSI Ministries’ Student Support Program which turned my life around for the better and helped to make me a progressive and productive man today. To God be the glory. Thank you; John and Laura Key, Christian Service International (CSI Ministries) and in particular, the Jamaica Student Support Program.

Yours Truly,

Shane McMurray

CSI Ministries Jamaica Student Support Program Participant

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