Today was a special day – dedicating the new homes.  We began our day by eating breakfast at 7:30 am. Pinto had made her delicious oatmeal with nutmeg and cinnamon. We also had fried bread fruit, watermelon and muffins. Each group traveled to their work site to finish their homes. Windows were put in, paint was touched up and doors were hung.

We then traveled together in vans and the work truck to each site to dedicate the new homes. The dedication is very special, as the team that built the house shares scripture, music, words of encouragement, a family Bible and the keys to the new home. The new homeowner shares as well, sometimes singing, or speaking words of thanks, or even a hand written poem or drawing. This is the team from work site 4 with Carrie Ann and her family.

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At work site 3, the new homeowner Mr. Grant, accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, the day before. Here Riley reads words of encouragement from his new Bible.

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A local pastor Michael Dunbar, also came to share the blessing of the new home at site 3.

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The team at work site 2, built for Simone and her family. They had lost their house in a fire.

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Natalee, posed for a picture with her children Andrea and Andrew as they tried out their new bed at work site 1.

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Here is the work team from site 1 with Natalee and her children. We returned to the mission house and enjoyed baked spaghetti. We then met on the veranda to share special moments from the week, as well as more testimonies. We each have a story to tell. Each story is important. We are all woven together into a beautiful tapestry called life.

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A few stayed up late playing Euchre. Laughter and crickets filled the night air. Good night.

By Jean Merrell