We have landed  Lisa, Angie and Hannah ready to get off the plane
Belize 1
Sunday has been amazing!  From our wonderful breakfast to a visit to Altun Ha to an amazing worship service with Pickstock Assembly of God…His presence is evident.  As one team member said “I have no words, just no words.”  Our amazing God is very present with this team.
We started our day with my favorite, Belize recipe fry jacks, a tasty breakfast bread that is delicious with tropical jam!
After loading the bus, we set off for Altun Ha, an ancient Mayan ruin.  The area is rich in history and we were taken thru the ruins by our tour guide, Javier. He told us what each of the different ruin building were used for, led us to the reservoir the Mayans used to hold rain water (that still holds water today), then climbed atop the ruins with our group.
Our day ended with the most incredible worship service.  Pastor Philipa and Derek at Pickstock Assembly of God are true warriors for God.  We went early because they serve the children a meal before church and when we arrived, there were at lesat 50 young people there.  Teens and tweens, preschoolers and toddlers.  Our team loved on them all, each in his or her own way.   When the worship service started, the music was moving with the crown joyously singing and clapping along.  The sermon was well delivered and afterward, the majority of th Belizians in attendance went to the alter to be prayed over.
All in all, it was an amazing day with God at work in each of us, through us and all around us.  Pray as we start our day tomorrow that we carry the light of Jesus wherever we go.

By: Angie Martin