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/Maple Run Friends – Belize

Have Mercy!  This has been an awesome day.  We opened our day with prayer and asked God to provide us with a nice breeze to enjoy during our work day.  So often the kids would comment on the nice breeze and our prayer being answered. Some of the kids were persuaded to try a termite right out of their hive.  I personally think that is gross.


We got a lot done, we are about halfway up the 10′ x 64′ wall with shiplap siding on the church we are working on.  We all worked hard, had fun and felt good about our day.  I love the conversations that I have been able to have with the kids.  We have one sweet girl working on forgiveness of herself for a situation she found herself in.  I enjoyed another conversation with a young lady and how much she has enjoyed this trip and what she has learned this week and how God is working in her life.
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Tonight we heard the testimony of a young man that has re-dedicated his life to Christ this week, and shared the issues he is working on to overcome.


The kids were asked to share God moments they have witnessed this week; all of us working together so well, the joy and contentment they see on the faces of the Belize people, getting to meet and be with new people and learning that all of us face struggles, are just a few.
God is so good.  So thankful for His presence this week, each and every day.


Written by Jenni aka Jenn-ae


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