Two words…It’s HOT.  The temperature today was 102, which actually felt like 113!  We worked with another mission team today from Mississippi and Texas at Pastor Phillipa’s church in Western Paradise.  Praise God, they need a bigger place to meet.
We took turns either hammering, shoveling or raking gravel.  Progress was made and God wiling, the church should be able to meet there next week
We are weary after a long hot day, but still smiling
IMG_0585 (1)
After cooling off for a while at the hotel, we went to the burial grounds to see Oscar and the wood carvings he makes.  Oscar i very talented and has quite a testimony to share.  It is always a pleasure to see him and his family.
Please continue to pray for opportunities to present themselves to show God’s love to those around us – no matter where we are.  God is good.

By: Angie Martin