Several of us thought it seemed a little cooler this morning…boy were we mistaken!  We started out today at the same worksite and shoveled hauled and raked more gravel.  This may not sound rewarding to the average person, but this team – they are above average!  Each one realizes we are shoveling gravel for pastor Phillipa so she is free to minister where she is needed
IMG_0601 (1)
After lunch, some of the group stayed to conquer the hill of gravel while the rest went to the playground that was built by previous team.  There, we hung new swing – built by our own Mariah – and put a fresh coat of paint on the play set.
While we were serving at the playground, Kadeem, a local young man, came over.  Then we were able to experience part of what this is all about.  He remembered a couple of our teammates from last year and told us he plays basketball on the court every evening.  He brought us some fresh mango (DELICIOUS!) and challenged the boys to a game of baskeball on Wednesday evening.  I think our gentleman will be outplayed!  It is so good to see the positive impact previous teams have made here.  The guys got in a little practice while the rest of us painted
Final thoughts as we wrap up day 4… Even cheerleaders snore, the manliest of men need a break sometimes and there are people among us passionate to share Christ however the opportunity presents itself  I can see God working more and more. Yes it is hot, yes we are tiring easily. We sweat, we grumble a little, we resist taking a break because it’s not the “manly” thing to do, but at the end of the day, we laugh and cry and pray together and my heart is filled with immeasurable joy!( despite being told I smelled like a goat!)  Love is abundant here among us and we are all blessed a bit more each day
After the worship service we first went to Pastor Jimmie’s.  Jimmie and his wife SandraLee  have a hydroponics operation and she runs the preschool.  We helped Jimmie in both the greenhouse and his aquaponic area that he is repairing. While removing the liners from the reservoirs, we found a tarantula!  As the team cheered him on, Sam overcame his fear of spiders by holding it…but only after it was dead!
Those in the greenhouse helped removed some lettuces that had bolted and also cleaned the growing containers.  That is how I ended up covered in sludge!  Not my finest moment for sure. The team also spent some time playing with the students in the preschool.  I think that is what they enjoyed most.  Loving on kids seems to be popular with this group.  There was even a dance off 🙂
After the amazing start to our day, we went to a very unique worship service.  Every Wednesday at Caribbean Tire they hold a worship service.  Pastor Rene’ was passionate about spreading his message and touched each member of our team in some way.  He had done many things and been a part of many religions, but it wasn’t until he found Christ that he felt satisfied.  He told us that the only way to really love and feel loved is to know the love of Jesus first!  He challenged us to remember that we are not defined by the world but as God’s creation. He welcomed u as Belizean brothers and sisters and expressed his gratitude to us for serving Jesus in the country.
When we finished at Pastor Jimmie’s we returned to Western Paradise, where a basketball game immediately broke out! I love seeing how the labor of previous teams is producing good fruit now. The older kids play ball while the younger ones play on the playset. The swings we hung were a hit, but the slide was best of all. The kids just kept coming to try it out. This is what this ministry is about. Bringing God’s love to people in a way that is relatable to them. These kids don’t need a sermon. They need us to be doers of the word, not just hearers of it. We ended the day with a wonderful meal at Bird’s Isle and then a moving devoition. All in all a great day.
Fear conquered!
Some of the kids
Blessings from Belize,
 Angie Martin