​We arrived safely in Belize on Saturday afternoon, heat was not as bad as expected.  So thankful for this adventure and learning more about a new culture.  Once we were settled in at the Conningsby Inn, we took a drive to the work site.  We walked and looked at a couple of houses the Maple Run team had built in prior years and learned more about what we were hoping to accomplish this next week.  For some of us, the living conditions and the animals were a bit overwhelming.  Many of us were not ready for what we saw.  I was so thankful for the 40 Day Devotional, “Before You Go”, I went back and re-read the chapter about the dogs and immediately, my perspective was back.  So thankful for Ben’s testimony that he gave to the group in the evening.  He shared with the group how God made Himself so present that Ben could no longer deny Him and how God has changed his life since.

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Sunday,we worshiped with the First Stone Church in Western Paradise.  Pastor Phillipa gave a great sermon about putting on our full armor of Christ.  Many Christians only wear the helmet of salvation.  In order for us to fully serve Christ we must wear all of the armor.
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After church we went to the Mayan Ruins, our tour guide, Ann Marie, shared history of the Ruins.  She pointed out one important clarification, they are not known as Ruins to the natives, they are Temples. In the evening we went to Pickstock Church of God.  Pastor Phillipa also leads this congregation.  I expected the same scripture and sermon as in the morning, she preached an entirely different sermon, The Last Supper from 1st Corinthians and how we need to do what God asks of us.  To those that much is given, much is expected.  The balance of the evening was our devotional time and games.
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Monday, what a wonderful day it has been.  The temperatures soared to 99.  So proud of this team, I never heard a complaint, we accomplished so much.
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VBS is happening on the ground floor of the church building we are working on.  After lunch, some of us played”Simon Says” with the kids before they left for the day.  Beautiful smiles from our teens and from the young kids attending the Bible School.  We got back to the Inn around 3:00 pm, relaxed, played games and enjoyed a wonderful dinner.  Tonight’s devotion was from Jenni.  She talked about Thriving or just Surviving.  She shared her testimony of how God has given her strength to Thrive.  Phillippians 4:1-13 was the scripture reference she shared and used.  She also opened up a time for the teens and adults to meet with a few of us one on one to ask questions, receive prayers or to give their lives fully to Christ.  The balance of the evening was spent visiting, playing games and relaxing.
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Written by Jenni aka Jenn-ae