July 15th Mt Zion UMC began its travels to Highgate Jamaica for a week of blessings. Although the team is smaller than in past years, it is very experienced and enthusiastic. The least seasoned member is on her 6th mission trip and the most experienced is returning for the 12th year. Obviously, we have a love for our Jamaican brothers and sisters. The travel was smooth with no difficulties what so ever.

mtz worship mtz worship 2

Sunday, July 16th, the Lord’s Day was a day full of blessings. After Pinto’s cinnamon rolls, the team went to Maranatha Community Church for worship. Worshiping there is like a homecoming each year.
We are embraced, loved on, and appreciated just like family. Sunday’s service began with a look at 2 King’s 4:1 and how we need to have faith that God will fill our vessel. After some singing, Sister Charm Robinson  brought the morning message about adoption into God’s family.
To complete the afternoon of seeing the face of God, we visited the Pringle Home for Children. The visit included lots of games outside, keep away, swings, teeter totters and learning to play “NetBall”.  Inside found the group doing  some visiting over nail polishing and talking about the Pringle girls’ hopes and dreams.
Although these are all places our entire group had been before, we had opportunities to see the handiwork of God in the faces of some wonderful Jamaican people. As the night grows long and we prepare for VBS and our first day in the building site…only God knows the opportunities that awaits us on Monday.
July 17th. After group devotion, loading the truck, and some fresh fried plantain…our team headed up the mountain to Carron Hall for VBS. Today’s lesson focussed on Noah and the great flood. The focal point of the lesson is how Jesus is our Ark for deliverance from sin. Today’s attendance was approximately 35 children. After a short drive to the building site, we joined the rest of our CSI staff to get the foundation in, floor down, and back wall up. The family receiving the house consists of 6 young children and their mother. A highlight at the building site today was the celebration of Patrick’s birthday. Sticking with the Jamaican traditions…we “Floured and egged” him. For supper tonight we visited with a local family who are receiving aide through the student support program. As the day draws to a close..we are excited to see what tomorrow brings and God’s plans for us!