The fun begins!

Our team had a wet, tiring, rewarding day. Just as the team arrived at the jobsite and church, the heavens opened up and poured. The guys on the construction site were drenched. Thankfully the rain was short-lived. However, the breeze combined with wet clothes and hair left them all feeling a little cold!  They were able to place the foundation and start the back wall of the house before lunch.

The VBS team was able to unload and make it into the church before the rain came. Since our first day started with a rainstorm, our numbers were a little lower than normal; we had 48 children today. Most of the children walk to church and the rain kept many home. Our theme this year is based on the Olympics. We are on Team Jesus and will learn about how to live as God’s champions. Today’s story was about Caleb and Joshua and we learned that God’s champions run with their faith. It was a fun day and we look forward to tomorrow.

After VBS, the two work teams had lunch at the construction site and worked to paint and complete the back wall of the house. It was a very productive day and we loved spending time with all the neighbors who gathered to either help work or watch our progress. We had an abundance of boys and girls wanting to help hammer nails and paint.

God’s hand has been evident as we work together to compete His mission. We are grateful for your prayers and ask that you keep them coming…they keep us going when we get tired.

Team Jesus VBS 2016

Erika Appelman teaches today’s lesson


Ashton Marcum, Denver Warfield and Aubrey Pittman nail the siding on the back wall of the house. They are assisted by two of the boys who will live in there.


Day 1 progress. The foundation and back wall are complete.


By: Kristi Carpenter