Oak Hill 6/30/2019: From the Field

Our day today began with a fabulous breakfast and then a time for devotions. We focused on serving others and what it means to be a servant. We attended a church service where the pastor reminded us that God is greater than whatever we are going through; He will take care of us. After lunch, we traveled to James Bond Beach. The boys enjoyed some refreshing time jumping into the water and swimming.  Later this evening, we are looking forward to  hearing about the families we will be serving starting tomorrow as we begin the construction process.   We are feeling God’s presence and certainly see His hand in the beauty of His creation here in Jamaica!

Lisa Belcher


Listen to the team below from Jamaica:

**Participants in the mission trip to Jamaica are members of the Oak Hill Boys Basketball team. However, this trip is not sponsored by or in any way affiliated with the Oak Hill United School Corporation.**