Oak Hill 7/01/2019: From the Field

Today was our first day of building!  Each group is responsible for loading the truck one morning, so at 6:30, our first group was up and at it.  After sharing in devotions about leading by example, we headed out to our building sites. The homes are down in a valley, so it is a thirty-minute drive or so, but the three sites are relatively close.  As we look out the van windows at all we pass by, we are certainly realizing how much we have that we take for granted. At the sites, we found the people to be grateful and willing to help with the entire process.  Many children and neighbors stopped by to check the progress or to lend a hand. The children were especially happy to paint! Today the guys dug holes to set the footers, built the frame for the floor, put in the floor, and also were able to frame and place the back wall.  It was a busy, hot day, but the time passed quickly as we served these families. The guys were impressive and definitely hard workers! You would be proud! Seeing them interact with the Jamaican families–especially the children–is amazing. They are serving with smiles and positive attitudes.  We returned back to the guesthouse around 3:30, and after cold, refreshing showers, we enjoyed a dinner of fantastic pumpkin soup. Tonight they are playing games, journaling and reflecting, and simply enjoying each other’s company. God is good!  We are thankful for the CSI Ministries team for this opportunity to serve, share God’s love, and grow together in faith.

​For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  Ephesians 2:10​
Lisa Belcher

Listen below directly from the team in Jamaica:

**Participants in the mission trip to Jamaica are members of the Oak Hill Boys Basketball team. However, this trip is not sponsored by or in any way affiliated with the Oak Hill United School Corporation.**

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