Oak Hill 7/02/2019: From the Field

Today has been another wonderful, busy day!  We began this morning with devotions focusing on adversity and discussing how adversity can be seen as an opportunity.  We were reminded of this as we worked today in the heat. Today the breeze was less, so the heat and humidity were more taxing. Our guys are great about staying hydrated, so all handled it well. Lauren and I traveled with group two today to build in order to get pictures. This site had many teenagers hanging around and helping, and our guys enjoyed talking with them and playing games during breaks from the building. A few of the children from site one came to this site for part of the morning. With the building process, we once again did quite a bit of painting. This house is yellow with pink trim! All groups were able to put up the rest of the walls, build and set a wall to divide the house into two rooms, cut out and trim the windows and doors,  and place the trim for the sides of each house. Two of the sites built outhouses today as well. It is hard to believe that tomorrow afternoon, we will have built three houses! Again, the work ethic that these guys are displaying is fantastic.  I’m finding myself the emotional mom figure this week as they build, and I watch and listen to them interact with the Jamaican people. After returning to the guest house and enjoying refreshing–and needed–showers, we had some down time before dinner. We are eating well! We then headed to a pottery demonstration and to town for ice cream. While eating ice cream, we were able to stand outside and observe the town and the dynamics there. A friend from church, Miguel, was there, and it was good to see him. As I type, they guys are once again enjoying card games, corn hole, and time away from screens. God continues to provide opportunities for growth, and we are grateful for the many ways He is making His presence known this week.

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20 (from today’s devotion)

Lisa Belch


Listen below directly from the team in Jamaica:

**Participants in the mission trip to Jamaica are members of the Oak Hill Boys Basketball team. However, this trip is not sponsored by or in any way affiliated with the Oak Hill United School Corporation.**

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