Oak Hill 7/03/2019: From the Field

Today in Jamaica has been another fabulous day!  We spent time in devotions this morning discussing constructive criticism and how to handle it.  We also discussed discipline and how that relates to our building this week.  After devotions, we once again loaded up and traveled to the work sites.  Lauren and I went to site three today, and it certainly is much different than the other two sites.  This one is in a much more open area, and there are many trees around that keep much of the site nice and shaded.  This family does not interact as much, and there aren’t as many visitors to this site.  However, two young girls in the family enjoyed reading to us from a school book they had.  They also spent time doing card tricks and playing card games with the guys after lunch.  It is so incredible to see the guys and how encouraging and friendly they are to these families.  The time today with the house was spent roofing it, putting the louvres in the windows, constructing and installing the doors (2 of them), building steps, and putting a final coat of paint on the house.  This group also had to finish the construction and cleaning of an outhouse; they worked on this diligently without complaint. While there are times that the guys sit down and take breaks and goof around, as soon as one of the men in charge calls for help, they hop up and get busy.  I’ve not heard any complaining at any of the sites! It is incredible to think of all that has been accomplished in three days and to know that these houses, when the keys are handed over to the families tomorrow, will be providing new, clean, solid structures for living.
I haven’t shared anything about food yet, so I thought I would tell you about the fabulous meals.  We are eating very well!  Pinto prepares a big breakfast for us each day; we have had eggs, pancakes, oatmeal, omelets, cinnamon rolls, bacon, fried plantains, and fresh fruit (every day).  Lunch at the work sites has been sandwiches and chips of some sort as well as a banana or cookie or two for dessert.  One of the guys is in charge of lunch each day and also prepares a sandwich for the lady of the house before we eat. For dinner, we have had fried chicken, pumpkin soup, baked spaghetti, grilled cheese (first night as we had jerk chicken on the way to the guesthouse), tonight is a beef Manhattan type of dish, and tomorrow I know we are having jerk chicken again.  Pinto prepares many of her sweet dishes with almond flavoring, and while I am loving it, that has been an adjustment for some of the group!
The guys have been busy planning the dedication services, and I’m sure these will be emotional tomorrow.  As I have been in tears at points each day, I’m sure I will be a mess!    We will be traveling as a large group to each house, and each building team is in charge of their dedication service.  The guys will be reading scripture, sharing testimonies, and praying as a part of the service.
As we have been here, many of the guys have expressed a desire to move out of their comfort zones, and I am seeing them do so as they work tirelessly for others and as they discuss their faith in large and small groups.  Prayers are being answered, and God is working through this group of people as we interact with and serve the people of Jamaica.  God is good!
Lisa Belcher

Listen below directly from the team in Jamaica:

**Participants in the mission trip to Jamaica are members of the Oak Hill Boys Basketball team. However, this trip is not sponsored by or in any way affiliated with the Oak Hill United School Corporation.**

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