We have the sad news that former CSI Ministries missionary to Jamaica Harold Nichols and a fellow colleague Randy Hentzel were found dead in the hills of Jamaica. They were both affiliated to Team Medical Missions operating out of the North coast near Ochoa Rios. The two men were in a remote area above the town of Port Maria in St. Mary parish. Police are adamant to find the perpetrators of this heinous act and are pulling out all manpower to solve this crime.

Mike Ginter has requested to please direct any questions to The CSI office at 800-286-5773. Being that there is a team in Highgate and its care is his priority he will not have the opportunity to respond to the phone calls and social media contacts that have been sent in any timely fashion.

We at CSI do not see changes in the operation of teams and we continually take every precaution for the safety of staff and guests. We do not operate near the area of this devastating incident. The Jamaican people have had an outpouring of care and love for these two families and do not condone this behavior. Please pray for the families of these men and that God will be glorified in all things.