Santa Claus – Jamaica

/Santa Claus – Jamaica


Santa Claus UMC mission team from Santa Claus, Indiana preparing to leave for Jamaica to do God’s work.


Jesus loves the little children of the world. The team did devotions with the children at Clonmel Basic School.

The team was blessed to worship with the Jamaicans at Bethel United Church in Highgate. We were privileged to share in the dedication of a young baby.


Pastor Hall from Bethel United in Highgate shares a prayer with Pastor Debbie.


Sharing our faith with the young people at Pringle Children’s Home; a child works on a craft project.


Miracle!!  The men are washing dishes after a meal at the mission house.


The team created bears from towels for the Christmas Treat that will be hosted by CSI Ministry’s cook Janeta Pinto on Christmas day.


Building a house side by side with the Jamaican team and homeowner.

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