Serving in The United States

CSI mission teams have been serving in Jamaica since the mid-1980’s. During that time hundreds of Americans have been ministered to through close, personal interaction with team members. Teams serving in the United States have engaged with ministries in Appalachia, New Orleans following hurricane Katrina, reservations in the Western U.S. and many more.  Each ministry project is intended to deepen a team member’s relationship with the Lord, while also building relationships with fellow team members, missionaries and members of each community they work closely with.

Currently, the United States ministry is paving a new path in Salyersville, Kentucky. After five years with missionaries serving in the field full- and part-time, we are partnering with a local ministry that will serve as the host for teams. Because of their exposure to our ministry and the impact they witnessed in their own community and church, they were moved to create a new ministry center.

With this being the initial year working in partnership with the new ministry, we are limiting the number of teams to five for the summer. God made it clear to us that we are being obedient to Him through this partnership as we already have four of those five weeks booked. If you are interested in booking a trip to Salyersville, we have May 29 – June 3 still available.

The Koinonia Center will be the new home for ministry teams as they stay in Salyersville. If you have been on a trip and stayed in the old Prater school, things will look very familiar to you. The K-Center is going to be housed in the sister school that was built at the same time, just in the Royalton area on the East side of Salyersville. Below is the mission and vision of the center which is a ministry of Licking River Baptist Church.



Mission and Vision for the K-Center

Written by: Pastor Richard Greene

Licking River Baptist Church (LRBC) is building upon a rich tradition of kingdom advancement by faithfully devoting its resources and talents to developing an effective mission presence through community outreach, evangelistic efforts and discipleship. LRBC is in the process of launching a multi-faceted ministry in 2016 with the recent purchase of a 25,000 sq. ft. former elementary school building that is being repurposed into a mission center.

The vision of LRBC to be “The Life of Christ in Person…The Love of Christ in Action” has never been more vibrant than it is today. With the addition of their mission center, LRBC is positioned to provide their community and surrounding cities with Christ-centered, evangelistically focused ministry.

LRBC’s ministry focus is founded on servanthood evangelism and its core. It is LRBC’s goal is to create long-term partnerships with ministries and mission teams to advance God’s kingdom and enrich the lives of the people of Appalachia and beyond. The core focus of this goal will be realized through weekly service projects in the local community, children and youth outreach ministries, hosting mission teams and providing educational programs offered to encourage healthier living while fostering an atmosphere of spiritual growth. LRBC is excited to be partnering with CSI to increase the impact of the gospel in the mountains of Appalachia.

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