As I look back over the past seven months I must give praise to our great God for His blessings on and over the ministry in Jamaica.  Thus far, we have served 15 Teams with more than 184 Short-term volunteers – that worked and ministered in the following areas:

  • 14 New Homes built for Jamaican individuals and families
  • 4 Great Banquets Held for approximately 71 Jamaican Guests
  • 2 Homes Repaired (Foundations, Roofs, Walls, Etc.)
  • 6 Vacation Bible Schools conducted
  • Construction started on a Store Room for a local ministry
  • Numerous School Devotions
  • A Women’s Bible Study
  • 1 Jamaican Man gave his life to Christ at his House Dedication Service

In addition to the blessings listed above, CSI Ministries received an honor from the Jamaican Government in the spring of 2015; As a registered charitable organization, we have been given temporary relief of paying the Jamaican General consumption Tax (GCT) of 16.5% on some purchases.  This waiver of tax is only guaranteed until February 2017.  At that time we will request a renewal of waiver.  However, at this time, the current waver allow our dollars to go further.  We Praise the Lord for this unexpected blessings!

CSI Ministries is blessed with a wonderful Jamaican staff that serve our Teams during the week they spend with us in Jamaica.  We have 6 full-time and 4 part-time staff.  Their years of service range between 4 – 20 years!

I am grateful for the Lord’s hand of protection over our staff and short-term volunteers as we travel the Jamaican roads and work in the heat and high humidity.  From time to time someone doesn’t feel well or gets a small cut, but thank God, overall, we have had and accident free season!

Please pray for RAIN!  Since August, Jamaica has been in a water crisis and severe drought.  We haven’t had water in the “Pipe” (faucet) from the National Water Commission (Water Company) since late August due to the lack of rain.  During the month of August we have numerous brush fires around the Mission House neighborhood.  In September we received a little rain, but much more is still needed.

In His Service,

Mike Ginter