The Frankfort Christian Academy (TFCA)

TFCA is in Jamaica for the next week and will be sending updates for you all to read. Though you are not there with them, as you read we hope you’re encouraged by the work they are doing and experience from afar the impact they are having on the people of the area. Please continue praying for this group as they are serving the people in Jamaica.

Day 1 (Sunday, May 13)

Hard to believe TFCA has only been on the Caribbean Island for a little over 24 hours! We have seen God at work in so many places! My prayer for our group all along is that our hearts be broken and our eyes be opened and today many eyes were opened to how blessed their lives are. We worshipped for 3 hours today at Bethel United Church and for many saw how powerful the love of God is and what true worship looks like. After lunch Mike, the full time Missionary, took us to the James Bond beach. Yes… 007… the author of the book series James Bond, Ian Fleming, was stationed in Jamaica durning World War II to spy on Cuba and fell in love with the island. After the war, he chose to stay and build a nice home on the island and it was from this site he wrote his books! Part of the property is now a public beach. After worshipping this evening after supper, we ironed out our plans for the two homes we will be building this week. Please keep us in your prayers that we not only build a house that is so badly needed but also get a chance to share the love of Jesus these next few days!

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Day 2 (Monday, May 14)

Although the Missionaries from TFCA experienced a record breaking temperature day in Jamaica today…. all survived and will have many memories to share! The day started early… team 1 began the day at 6:30 am by loading all the building supplies to start the building project of 2 houses. Tomorrow team 2 gets  the good fortune of loading at 6:30.  After loading, the entire team got together for to sing praises and a devotion lead by Ashton Marcum. Next they gobbled down some pancakes and cinnamon fried plantain and headed out to work. Both teams got the foundation  dug, the floor constructed, and the back wall in place.

After a fun ride back to the mission house in the back of the truck and showers, we were met with 2 local Jamaican students and their families. One student, A second grader, has been supported all school year by Mr Marcum’s 6th grade homeroom. The TFCA students have sent financial support to help pay for notebooks and other supplies and provide help with Taxis’s to get to school. The other student, a fifth grader, is being sponsored by Mr Marcum’s family. The two young ladies were slightly overwhelmed at first, but warmed up and enjoyed the time with our students.

Can’t wait to see what God has on his agenda for us tomorrow!

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– Tim Marcum