The Compass Church – Monday

This is Judy Martin-Urban blogging from Jamaica.
Our four groups were assigned specific work sites today. Our mission is to build three homes and to help with a concrete project at Bethel United Church in Highgate.
The Foundation
The day began at 6:30 am with loading the big truck with building supplies. We spent the day measuring, sawing, and nailing. Compass youth worked right along with locals. Several youth painted the walls of the house and by day’s end we had one wall of the house completely erected.
The First Wall

The First Wall

Work will continue tomorrow also.
At the work site after the first wall is up.

At the work site after the first wall is up.

Big smiles lite everyone’s face as the house was built. Our house is for a single mother of five beautiful children.
The day was physically hard, but everyone had a good time and were very happy to give away God’s love to the people of Highgate.
Many neighbors came to help, music was played and kids ran around enjoying it all.


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