Today our groups fanned out to our sites and my group helped with a concrete project at Bethel United Church in Highgate, Jamaica. Their concrete mixer was broken, so it was all manual labor. It sure gave us an appreciation of the labor of love involved in a project. Our team carried hundreds of buckets of sand and gravel to the mixing spot because we had one disabled wheelbarrow.

Our Jamaican co-workers accomplished back-breaking, but masterful mixing of the ‘material’ as we laughingly called the concrete. Our bucket brigade delivered the wet cement to the desired spot to make a walkway around a church building.

Little kids magically appear at every site and our teens were amazing as they interacted with them. These are some of our best times. We talk to everyone to learn more about them. This community seems helpful to one another.

Words are inadequate to describe the beauty of this county. Each day brings renewed awe at the views, the sunrises.

Pastor Mark is conducting teaching sessions with pastors and enjoying the task. They meet in an outdoor chapel with a magnificent view.

Our days begin and end with devotions. I love seeing all the teens with Bibles open and communing with God. The teens also share at our evening devotions. Brent Gardiner plays guitar while Lisa E. keeps us all motivated.

The Compass

Thank you for your prayers we need them so please continue praying. So far, we are all doing well with only a few minor scratches.

The Compass 2

Judy Martin-Urban