The Compass – Thursday

/The Compass – Thursday


Houses complete! Today we dedicated the houses with a simple but special service and handed over the keys. The three owners expressed deep appreciation and our four teams felt joy over our part. Scriptures were read, songs sung.

Handing over the keys

Handing over the keys

One owner had lived with her sister for some time making eleven people living in two rooms. With a new home, another owner, an elderly woman on oxygen, was able to return to her own home.

Our teens stretched themselves by learning to use power saws, power drills, hammers and all things building-wise. This is a memorable time for all of us.

The CSI staff are more than helpful. Their lives more than beautiful examples of the Christian life.

CSI Ministries Staff and Volunteers

CSI Ministries Staff and Volunteers

“Celebrate God. Sing together-everyone! All you honest hearts, raise the roof.” -The Message, Psa 32.

Judy Martin-Urban

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