The Jar in Jamaica: Day 1

Some friends from the Jar Community Church (Muncie, IN) are trusting God to serve the people in High Gate, Jamaica. Please continue to pray that The Lord would have favor on their efforts to build shelters for families.

This update comes from Maddie Hagenbuch:

July 1, 2018

There are two girls rooms. Room 1 have 6 girls and room 2 has 4. There is one boys room with 5 guys. In this first picture this is room 1 unpacked and settled in.

Here is another collage of our first day early this morning. We finished unpacking and getting ready to attend the church service. The first picture is of my older sister, Meghan Hagenbuch, and myself. The picture to the right of us is of Sheli Felton standing near a window where we are staying. The picture in the bottom-left is of Rhiannon and myself and the picture to the right of that one is of our trek up steps to the where the church was located. The church’s nickname, or in Jamaica they call them pet names, is “Step Step” church for the many steps (66 steps for the 66 books of the Bible) we took up to the building.

Today we got to experience a new culture, a new way of worship, a new way to share God’s word, a new way to connect with people. The actual name of the church we visited was the Richmond New Testament Church of God and their service is very lively and interactive. All of the Jamaicans were very welcoming and had many smiles to spread. After the service we came back to the mission house for a quick lunch. Then we went to visit a girls home and played various games, painted nails and visited with the girls. Their ages ranged from 8-17. Following that we had a delicious dinner and a worship time.

The top picture is of the beautiful mission house. The lower two pictures are where we have chapel and next to that is Todd and Sue who are the missionaries here hosting various CSI teams. There was share time for everyone and closing the night it was Jenifer Welch’s turn to do devotion. Off to bed because tomorrow is where the purpose of our trip begins. The starting of the two 12 by 12 homes for less fortunate people in Jamaica.

So far today has been a day of getting to know the team, feeling God’s love and sharing God’s love.

Hoping to find a servants heart through out the trip.

One Heart One Purpose.