The Jar in Jamaica: Day 4

We are hearing from Mollie again from High Gate, Jamaica with the Jar Community Church (Muncie):

Hey guys!

Today in Jamaica was exciting! We finished both houses! (Minus a few paint jobs on Jeff’s house.) The task of today’s job sites were roofing, doors, windows, and paint touch-ups.

Here we have a photo of Jeremy placing the rafters in place for the roof.

Today on the site we also got to use drills!

This is Jennifer drilling in a screw on the backside of the door. Then after a long day at the work site, Pinto the cook made us an American dinner for the fourth with red white and blue cupcakes! They were amazing! Tonight for entertainment we had some local Jamaicans sing songs at the house. First up was Brad from CSI who is in charge of the student sponsorships.

Tim and Todd also got to play the music while Brad sang witch was nice.

We also heard some songs from Nichole and her son Mike.

Lastly we heard from Eli and his friend, they were very entertaining and fun to watch. They sang Jamaican folk songs. Tomorrow we will have photos of both house as we get to hand the keys over to them! And we also will be going on a few tours! Thank you for all your prayers and please keep them coming!

God Bless,