The Jar in Jamaica: Days 2 and 3

Today we hear from Mollie Shae and Sheli Felton both of whom are in High Gate, Jamaica with the Jar Community Church, Muncie.

July 2, 2018


Today here in Jamaica we started building on the two houses for Starboy and Jeff! We are all on different teams, building Starboy house is Jeremy, Karey, Ron, Lisa, Jennifer, Kyle, Mollie, Abe, and Patrick!

The picture above is of Jamaican Starboy and he is the one receiving this house. We got one wall raised today!

Jennifer, Ron and Abe are working on setting up the first wall. Taking a water break and sun screen break on the job site… we just had to capture the moment with a goofy selfie (Jennifer and Mollie).

We also got to visit with the kids that the church has sponsored and one of their parents. We had dinner with them and then played games with them! It was really nice to visit with them!

Some extra prayers for health would be appreciated as we have a few team members who aren’t feeling well. Thank you for all your prayers, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog as you will get to see the house being built for Jeff!


Mollie Shae

July 3, 2018

Greetings from Jamaica!

Day was day 2 at the work site, & you’ll be hearing about our day on job site number 2. We are building a 10 x 20 house for Jeff & his 11 year old son, Jaheam. They lost their home to fore in April and have been separated every since.

Jeff helping us build his house.

The whole team together to eat ice cream in High Gate.

Heather Turner cutting out a window in the house.

Sheli, Heather, Meghan, Pete, Harry, Tim, Good, Andy, Zach and Jeff with Jeff’s house.

Our team putting up another wall on Jeff’s home.

We got all for walls up today & some trim up.

We had a fantastic day! Our team leader, Heather Turner said her favorite moment of the day was when she was talking to Jeff about how his roof would be on the house tomorrow. What a glorious smile on his face!
God is moving on our site. God is moving in our hearts.