Our team:
Sarah, Alli, Sheli, Shirley, Jason, Jennifer
Ron, Rhiannon, Mollie, Lisa, Amy, Heather

We visited High Gate Church of Christ in Harmony Hall this morning. Pastor Michael Dunbar taught on Genesis 22 & the tests that God gives us. Pastor Dunbar’s message was that God is not testing us to give Him information on us, but instead to teach us about ourselves. The whole church welcomed our group with open arms.

Church of Christ in Harmony Hall

Church of Christ in Harmony Hall

On Sunday afternoon we visited a nursing home in High Gate. Mollie is pictured here painting the finger nails of a resident. Jennifer is pictured below applying lotion to the hands to another resident.  We also read Bible passages, sang songs, and visited with this wonderful group of people. One man said that he can’t get enough of God’s Word. It is medicine for his soul.
The Jar - Nursing home visit

The Jar - Nursing home visit 2
Later we visited the home of Mr. Wally which The Jar’s team built last year. It was amazing to see how well he was doing and the improvements he had made on his home. It was awesome to see the continued blessings for Mr. Wally from our service last year.

Jamaican Blessings
Sheli Felton
The Jar Community Church