The Jar – Tuesday

/The Jar – Tuesday


Day 2 of building a home for Jennine, aka Chin, was great in so many ways.
The day began with Heather touching up the window trim on the house, which has come together beautifully. CSI has such an awesome team that leads the home-building process smoothly and quickly. Also there is brand new pit toilet that was put in for Chin and her many family members who she lives with on family land.


We also had plenty of time and attention for building relationships today. Shirley took a break from working hard on the house to work on a coloring page with one of the younger girls in Chin’s family.


And Rhiannon had lots of fun blowing bubbles for the kids as well as coloring pictures and just playing with and getting to know these sweet kids. Behind Rhiannon, you can see AJ holding the hammer that he uses like an expert. Between painting and hammering in nails a few of these kids have worked as hard as we have!


I have to say, the highlight of my day was taking a break and sitting under the house (yes, under the house!) with Chin and talking with her about her faith. It was in those moments, hearing her say that she knows God loves her and that she can see Him working in her life, but she just doesn’t feel like she has her life “together” enough to give it to Him, that I realized how very similar we all are. So many things are different here and yet so many things are the same. God’s glory and power and promises are just as evident and amazing. The enemy’s lies about how we need to get ourselves cleaned up before approaching our Heavenly Father and how we’d have to give up so much to lead a life that pleases Him are just as familiar and just as frustrating. The church’s desire to bring their community closer to God and their uncanny ability to push people away with perceived judgment is just as tragic. Climates and cultures and economics and politics may make our lives look different, but when it comes down to it, we all have the same “God-shaped hole” inside us that can only be filled by a relationship with Him. Nothing else will do.
The amazing thing about a mission trip is that you come to give your heart and service away and find yourself being filled and renewed in the process.
It’s like when a lump of clay gives itself into the hands of the potter to be used and instead it becomes useful, and beautiful too. Maybe that’s why Mike took us to see The Clonmel Potters tonight,  a beautiful little pottery place where a husband and wife do just that. They take what looks like a mess and transform it into art.


This is Donald Johnson of The Clonmel Potters wowing us with his great skill on the throwing wheel.

I look forward to seeing what God has in store for all of us tomorrow and as our week finishes out.
Thanks for journeying through this week with us and thank you for your prayers.
God bless!
Sarah Jones
The Jar Community Church

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