The Jar – Wednesday

This morning we woke up to Heather and Pinto, the cook, making our breakfast! They prepared omelets, johnnycakes, fruit, and toast. It was delicious.
The Jar - Breakfast
This is Jennine painting a table that we made for her. She is so excited to move into her new house.
The Jar - painting table
Heather and Hairy are working on the roof. Staying hydrated and reapplying sunblock is key!
The Jar - Roof
Jennine requested this painting on her wall. It is the scripture Psalms 5:1. Sarah did a great job drawing and painting it.
The Jar - Cross painting
After we finished the house, Gary, Jennine’s uncle, took us on a tour around the farm. They grow many foods to be sold or eaten by the family.
The Jar - path
Jennine’s house is finished! Hairy, who works for CSI,  and Jennine pose as we ask to take a picture of the finished house. Sarah also painted a heart on the door that says, “FAMILY, nuff love”.
We look forward to presenting the finished house to Jennine and all that the rest of the week holds.

God bless!

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