Seven years ago when I began serving with CSI Ministries I hardly anticipated becoming the executive director, but as usual God had other plans. Through the last two years as we have been obedient to His call for the ministry I hardly anticipated leaving the ministry; however, God has different plans. It is bittersweet to share with you that I am resigning as the executive director. It is critical to note that I am leaving on a good note and hope to remain engaged with the ministry as the Lord leads.

CSI Ministries is in an excellent place for this transition. The board of directors is strong and engaged in the ministry. The staff in place will be able to maintain and even improve the operations of the ministry. Every one of our staff has been engaged in the ministry for more than a decade, and two of our US based staff members have long-term service overseas.

As I look ahead to my official departure in mid-March I find myself reflecting on the last seven years. The ministry sure does look a little different today than when I started, but it is a good reminder that we must be willing to adapt and change. Even though there are things that look different the one thing that remains a constant for CSI Ministries is the focus on Jesus Christ and how we help people move closer to Him. In serving others, I’ve often had to stop and think about exactly what that means. Ultimately, it looks like different things to different people, but the one thing that should always be a highlight in serving is making sure serving is done “with” rather than “for” or “to.”

There is certainly a measure of charity that is involved in missions, but what we often overlook is how much we are given in the process – perhaps that’s God’s charity to all of us. It’s easy in the United States to measure charity as a generous act toward the needy or suffering by way of the gifts we can provide or even the work we can complete. However, that material charity is not the end and merely a tool to conduct effective ministry which is sharing your life with others. In return, God shares something with you as He reveals Himself to you – but you must not be “too busy” to see it. (Matthew 25:34-36, 40)

One of my favorite times has been sitting with teams during devotions. That charity God provides, it’s real, and it is evident through team devotions and sharing. There is a raw emotion when someone experiences God in a new way, and for those who experience these moments know that God’s presence in that moment is shared by all.

What I seem to reflect on the most is just how much is accomplished by truly being a vehicle versus being the driver. God will get you there – you just have to let Him! It’s easy at the completion of a project or task to stand back and exclaim, “Look what we did!” However, I want to leave a challenge for everyone to pause in that moment and proclaim, “Look what God did!” (Psalm 37:5)

It is truly a pleasure to have served with each of you along this journey at CSI Ministries. I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of the ministry, and I thank each of you for your continued commitment, dedication and support for CSI Ministries.

In Christ,


Jody Kress


Jody K Family