Above is a picture of The Way team and guests who are serving on and participating in the three day christian residential retreat.

Friday was a very busy day.  We woke to heavy rain that stopped and started a couple times, but soon stopped and cleared for the day.  The CSI Ministries mission house is a fun place to be.  It’s sort of like a bee hive – there is always something happening.  The day began with devotions.  We had breakfast at 7:30 AM; omelets with cheese on top and bacon.  I gobbled it up so quickly, I didn’t even get a picture of it.  🙂  The Way residential retreat is an amazing experience.  It is a blessing to everyone involved.  We hear talks during the day, enjoy praising and worshiping God, have quiet time with Him and take time to share with one another our joys and struggles of life.  Some of us help behind the scene washing dishes in the kitchen, or making cupcakes or slicing cucumbers for salad, helping iron and fold laundry to help CSI’s housekeeper Pearline.  There is relaxing time on the veranda listening to Eli play his guitar.  We see old friends like Patrick, Harry and Abe.  Harry and Abe are here each day fixing and repairing a fence.

Our supper was a delicious soup, that I have tried to make back in the states, but I can’t duplicate it.  It’s called pumpkin soup.  The pumpkin would be more like our squash.  We also had cornbread, cucumber salad and a chocolate chip muffin.
The Way - Pumpkin soup
The day ended with thanks for another beautiful and wonderful day.

By: Jean Merrell