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/The Way Men – Jamaica

The men’s team for The Way Highgate Jamaica #16, arrived on Tuesday, at 2 pm from Houston.  Mike, Bill, Janet, Emy and Jean were there to meet them with two vans.  There were ten men and lots, lots of luggage.  We drove to The Ultimate Jerk Centre for supper and then on the mission house. Mike, our host, shared all the particulars for our stay.  Randy, who will be doing music for the weekend, sang and played guitar for us.


Wednesday we woke to breakfast with Pinto’s delicious cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs and bacon.  We drove in the work truck to the Clonmel Basic school for children 3-5 years old.  It needed some zinc (roof) replaced, new boards to replace the deteriorating wood walls, some repairs to the windows and doors and a fresh coat of paint.  While we were working, we received word through text, that tornados were touching down in Kokomo, where many of us live.  We heard that buildings were destroyed, trees uprooted, roofs tore off, damage by rain and wind, but no one was killed.  We stopped to pray for all those in Kokomo –  our friends and families.


Jeff, who always has a smile on his face, enjoyed the day – fixing boards, painting and talking with the children who stopped by.


The fresh new paint was called sunshine yellow.  Some of the teachers, moms and children helped us paint.


After supper we headed to Clonmel Pottery and to Highgate for ice cream.  Donald showed us how he and Belva make their pottery, in their work shop.


The sunsets here are beautiful.  It’s like the air has a haze that is tinged with pink.  No matter how hard we try, our pictures can never truly do justice to the pink hazed air as twilight falls.

TWM 6 -2

Nineteen guests and 11 more team members arrived on Thursday.  Here are the team and guests in front of the mission house Friday morning.


During breaks, it is fun to hear the laughter and fun.  Some played a board game, while others enjoyed a game of basketball, with “Coach” Romon.




Jean Merrell

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