This Is My Story, Evelyn Sykes

Evelyn Sykes, of Clarksville, TN, went on her first missions trip this last July. Here is her account of the trip as told to her mother, Rhonda.

“When I was in Jamaica, I played with the Jamaican kids. It was my first missions trip. I gave out bags to people. The bags had a sandwich, toothbrush, toothpaste and candy in them. I also gave out bags of juice. A doctor named Bruce helped all that needed medical. Mr. Seth helped see patients, too.

I rode the bus on long rides to help with people. The Jamaicans love to play soccer. I loved helping with the people there because it made them happy. We sang songs and listened to Bible lessons. I am thankful that I got to go on the trip. The food tastes different in Jamaica. I played games outside with the kids. I am going to Jamaica again this summer.”

Director’s note: You are never too young to be used by God. (You’re never too old either!)

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