6 year old Finley Baggett, from Clarksville, TN, has been on 2 missions trips to Jamaica. This past summer, her trip was cut short by a couple of days because of a broken arm. Friday night she broke her arm, and on Sunday morning she was at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital having surgery. What follows is Finley’s story, unedited, as she typed it out on her parent’s iPad.

“Once upon a time I went on a trip to Jamaica and every day I went to a school or a church and we sang songs. when I came back one night I was playing on a stage and it was bedtime and I jumped off the stage and then I broke my arm I felt afraid and then I went to the hospital there  doctor Bruce took good care of me I went back and I slept well and the next morning I rode in  a taxi and we went to the airport and I had to wait in line then we got on a plane and a man on the plane gave me a pen and I got off the plane my Bball and my Papa picked me up and I went to the doctor and they put a cast on me and then I woke up from my surgery and I lost my tooth and I went home and I had a good day.”
Finley’s favorite activities in Jamaica include playing soccer, singing and dancing with the children, and handing out lunches and goodie bags to everyone. She plans on going back to Jamaica this summer with Pardue Church of Clarksville, TN.