There is no way I could ever fully relate my experience in Jamaica to anyone reading this. My trip, as best I can explain, was amazing, life-changing, and it greatly built my relationship with God.

The first day, with all of us trying to endure a 4-hour bus ride to where we were staying and attempting to stay together and get acquainted, was pretty hectic. Not to mention I started off a little apprehensive because, like many Christians, when God does something to better us we tend not to see it His way. Or, down deep, we don’t want it His way. Personally, I was scared of the unknown and to let God change me.

On the second day we went to Belle Plains Basic school, where we held VBS, a medical clinic, and laid tile in the classrooms. This is where I decided to let God take control and to be open to what He had in-store for me. I had no idea how much God had for me in Jamaica, but I am so glad I allowed Him to work in my life. The remainder of my time was full of God’s blessings. They were overly obvious to me, and I can assure you that it was all by His design.

One particular day was dedicated to visiting the Clarendon Parish Infirmary. Here we visited with many ill, blind, and some paralyzed Jamaicans. I came across a man who was begging for someone to read the Bible to him This was way out of my comfort zone as I did not feel like I was good enough to read God’s word to him. However, I let God take control. Another bed ridden Jamaican had a drawer full of Bibles, one of which he immediately offered to me. I took the Bible, thanked the man and opened to the book of John per my friend’s request. After reading to him some others from our group joined and we prayed together over the man.

Every day in Jamaica there were experiences similar to this one, times where I felt God drawing me closer to Him. I watched as He did the same for others as well. Throughout the entire trip I found myself in awe of what God was doing in me and the rest of the group. I pray that were just as much a blessing to the Jamaicans as they were to me..

Director’s Note: Kolton Kilgore is a student at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN. He attends New Hope Free Will Baptist Church in Joelton, TN.