For me Belize for me was an eye opening experience! My first night in Belize was spent at the Hosanna House, a group foster home, after a 2 hour drive up into the mountains of Dangriga. The leaders of the Hosanna House had asked our group to come to the main house that night, and help lead the kids that were there, in devotions. I remember thinking, “I would rather be sleeping right now!”, but I went anyways hoping that it would go quick. I remember the moment when I walked into the main house there was a weight lifted from my shoulders, and God began to work on my heart. I realized that I was afraid to love on the kids there, because I have had many kids in and out of my life. God spoke to me through the kids. Most of the children there had experienced things that I cannot even imagine, and yet they were so willing to love. The first night after devotions, instead of us pursuing them, they pursued us. I realized that regardless of what had happened in their lives, and regardless of how much I, or the other people on the team loved them, Christ’s love for them was greater still! It was so apparent in the way that those beautiful kids loved on the people around them!

The last night in Belize, our group leader asked us to think of five words that described what the trip had been to us, or had taught us. I mulled this question over for a couple weeks after I got back! When I did think of what had been the biggest experience in Belize, it was the kids at the Hosanna House. I wanted my five words to explain what I had learned from those that had so little, and yet understood love. The kids realized that you do not need earthy things to be intentional, all you need is love. Therefore, my five words and theme for this year are: Be Intentional in True Love. I can only pray that I am half as good at this as the kids of Belize are.

Director’s Note: Krista, from Bluffton, IN, is a Nursing student at Huntington University.