Trusting God with Your Time and Resources

Richard and Family

Richard, Amy and Alex Greene served on their first team in 2016 at the Koinonia Mission Center (K Center). The K Center has seen some big changes since Richard and Amy along with their church hosted the first team from Maple Run in 2016. The biggest change is they now have indoor showers in the men’s and ladies restrooms, air conditioning has been added to the multi purpose room for meals and activities. They also operate the summer feeding program during the summer for the children in the area to make sure they have a warm lunch.

Coming later this year will be laundry facilities to help minister to the many people of Magoffin County as well as giving the team a place to get their cloths cleaned too.
The condescension of Christ is an amazing reality. That Jesus Christ, the Son of God, would enter into this world, the Earth, as human. Not only human, but to begin life completely dependent upon His mother from birth until growing up into manhood. And how He chose to minister to the “least of these” (Luke 9:46-48). His children include the fortunate, but namely of the poor, the widows and the orphans. He then died taking on the punishment and rising on the third day to defeat death, for those who confess Him as Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9), becoming our substitute so that we may become sons and daughters of God and that we will rise again one day to be with Him for eternity. Those who have, have it to give to others. God’s given us this gift of Grace. We can’t earn His Favor, but He has freely given it.
People in Saylersville, KY don’t know that Jesus loves them and has made a way for them to know God for eternity. We are trusting God as we send teams to the K Center to help see Jesus change the lives of the residents of Magoffin County. Please consider taking a step of faith in trusting God with your time and/or resources to see Jesus do mighty work in this community.

First Fruits Thrift Store

After just a little over two years into the K Center they along with their church family Licking River Baptist Church decided to open a thrift store next to the parsonage to help provide at a very small expense the support the community needs with cloths, health and hygiene and household items.The money raised will support the K Center so more teams will be able to come in and go out to help those in need not only with their construction needs but also with their spiritual needs  The new store is called First Fruits Thrift Store. Please keep this project in your prayers as they had enough donations to start but little back stock to help replenish it.

We need your prayers and help.

Family’s Walls

There is a family living in a trailer in the Salyersville area that the walls will not make it another winter. We are putting together a team to replace all the studs in the outside walls. The team will be leaving Sunday September 23, 2018 and returning on Friday September 28. The cost of the trip is $400.00 per person not including transportation. We are also trying to raise funds to purchase all of the 2x4x8′ studs for the project and have them delivered before we arrive. Please contact CSI Ministries if you are able to go or support this project.
Email us at csi@csiministries,org or John Key directly at