Today is a special day.  There is a lot of excitement in the air. The Great Banquet begins tonight. It is a 72 hour residential retreat to grow closer to God through prayer, worship, fellowship, educational talks and personal testimonies.  It is a special opportunity for everyone, whether a guest or team members to draw closer to Christ.  I will not take as many pictures, over the next few days, as it would not be appropriate to photograph others without their permission. Here are a few of us enjoying breakfast before the guests arrive.

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We had Pinto’s DELICIOUS homemade cinnamon rolls, cheese omelets, bacon, pineapple, oranges and bananas.     The cinnamon rolls melt in your mouth. Really!!

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We spent the morning meeting as a team to discuss the time schedule and all that will happen. There was lots to do, but the team was great, diligently working until lunch.

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For lunch we had chicken salad sandwiches, Pringles, watermelon and chocolate chip cookies with almond flavoring. We spent the afternoon preparing. Some worked on agape crafts, others practiced their talks, some prayed over each aspect of the coming weekend, some drove to town for food, while others visited with the guests as they began to arrive.

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Pearline, Pinto, Eli and Oney are all on staff here at the CSI Mission House. They are such dear people.  We love how they always welcome us with open arms and caring hearts. Pearline, Pinto and Eli do the cooking. Oney comes in the evening for night security.  Brad is not pictured, but he helps with the housekeeping and cooking too.

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As the Jamaican team and guests arrived, we would show them their room so they could unpack.  At 6 pm we all sat down together for barbecued chicken, rice, and mixed vegetables of cabbage and carrots. We had cupcakes for dessert.

There are 21 guests and 26 team. The team has 11 Jamaicans and 15 Americans. It is so neat to see how we all work together to glorify the Lord.

By Jean Merrell