Hi!  It’s Saturday. It has been a great week.
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Worshipping together. So blessed!
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I rode along with Brad and Pinto to do some errands in Highgate.  Saturday is a busy grocery shopping day.
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Pinto bought Frito Lay chips for tomorrow’s lunch. 100 Jamaican dollars equals about 0.82 cents American. Brad bought light bulbs for 150 dollars, but that would really be $1.22 in the states.
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It was fun to meet Highgate’s policemen.
The produce market is full of familiar fruits and vegetables and others we don’t know. Ginger root is common to see here. It is shredded down to make ginger tea.
Lunch was bun and cheese (the bun is like a raisin molasses quick bread), carrots and oatmeal chocolate chip bars.  The bun and cheese is a very special sandwich which is especially eaten around Easter time.
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We had a great group of men stop by today to help us with set up and serving.
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Tonight we enjoyed jerk chicken that was jerked by Pearline’s husband, Nardi. Jerk chicken is the seasoning mix that is used. It is then cooked outside over an open fire. We also had rice and peas (like a kidney bean) and cooked cabbage and carrots. We had chocolate or vanilla cupcakes for dessert with almond flavored frosting on top.
We are tired.  As we drift off to sleep we can hear loud music playing over loudspeakers.
By Jean Merrell